The B&B Lady's office view. Enjoy a view like this during your seminar. Sage Blossom Consulting serves the Bed and Breakfast industry. Put The B&B Lady's 19 years of experience to work for you.

Buying a Bed and Breakfast?

Do you want to be a successful B&B innkeeper?

If you answered yes to either question -- or both of them -- you're in luck. Any combination of the services offered by "The B&B Lady" can help you avoid problems, and save you time and money as you build your bed and breakfast business.

Which B&B should you buy? How much should you pay? What will it take to make or keep your B&B inn successful? Every inn I've evaluated has sold in the price range I reached through my analysis. You can benefit from my experience by learning the secrets of pricing and evaluating the B&B inns you consider. I can help your purchase decisions be sound, contributing to your succesful innkeeping through my real estate counseling.

"If we had one piece of advice to give (in hindsight of course) to aspiring innkeepers it would be: even though you think you know what you want to do and don't think you need help -- get it anyway. When we started pursuing our B&B purchase we knew Kit taught aspiring innkeeper classes, but we didn't see ourselves as aspriring since we had worked [at the Lovelander B&B] for eight months and thought ourselves seasoned. Ya right! There is much more to buying and owning an inn than being an assistant innkeeper, something we figured out too late. Get that guidance from Kit before you start." --Lauren and Gary Smith, Former Innkeepers, The Lovelander B&B, Loveland, Colorado

My services include real estate counseling, consulting, seminars, and ebooks. Which are best for you?

Real Estate Counseling and Consulting -- for an all-too-common B&B problem

Through my 22+ years in the bed and breakfast industry, I've come to recognize a serious problem common to many innkeepers:

Most aspiring innkeepers buy the wrong property.

Furthermore, most innkeepers don't earn as much with their B&Bs as they would like, and even struggle to pay their bills or maintain their property.

Two myths that will cost you a fortune:
    Myth 1: Operating a B&B is as easy as having house guests.
    Myth 2: Buying a B&B is as easy as buying a house.

In reality, running an inn requires much more attention to detail and time than having house guests. And buying a bed and breakfast is much more involved than buying a house. Much more.

"Kit has made excellent recommendations on effective and inexpensive advertising, proper lighting and decor ideas, and business valuation for my B&B. Her services are valuable to this industry as most innkeepers do not find the time to keep up on the changes in marketing techniques or valuation of their properties." --Amy V. Kadrmas, Founding Innkeeper, Stonehaven B&B, Fruita, Colorado

What secrets can you learn?

Determine what to look for when you buy an inn and how much money you'll need. Learn how to brand and market your B&B for maximum profit; make more and spend less with a strong brand. Understand your strengths and weaknesses to increase your success and customer service. The "how-to" of daily operations can be made easy -- and profitable.

Most B&B consultants tell you that for success you must have a certain number of guestrooms, include a restaurant in your business plan, or be in a specific location. But they fail to ask one important question: How do you define success? Is it the amount of money you make, the lifestyle you want, or raising a family? I work with your definition of success during our real estate counseling sessions to help you reach your goals.

With my more-than 20 years of experience in the B&B industry, I can help you make your B&B business dream viable. If self-directed education is your best style of learning then my consulting services are ideal for you.

"Kit is the best source to go to for top-flight B&B information and insight. Of the hundreds of hospitality consulting professionals whom I have worked with over the years, Kit stands alone as the most resourceful, knowledgable and helpful advisor to the Bed and Breakfast industry. She is truly the B&B Lady, and I encourage anyone working in this area of the hospitality industry to call her first when you want to get it right." --Maurice Robinson, Maurice Robinson & Associates LLC, El Segundo, California

Seminars -- to guide your successful B&B purchase and profitable operations.

We live in a busy world. Our busy lives tend to keep us from doing the research and preparation that should be done to make wise business decisions. Do you want to make a good investment and make money with your B&B inn? From my years of experience with thousands of aspiring and active innkeepers, I've learned an important truth:

Most aspiring innkeepers don't know what it takes to be a successful B&B innkeeper.

What does it take to buy a B&B? How do you run (or manage) an inn effectively for profit? What is the "right" price to charge for your guestrooms? Can you run the bed and breakfast by yourself or do you need help? Learn the "secrets" of successful innkeeping with my "how-to" classes that I've given to hundreds of aspiring innkeepers.

"The added value to your online course is you! Anybody can read web sites and books, but it's your responses that have made this course worth every dime I've spent. I have read several "How To" books and would choke and skip over the sections on estimating cost expectations and cash flow. I just went back to them and realized that you had covered the same material in a manner that was more concise and easier to understand. Thanks." --Carol Beaupre, Aspiring Innkeeper

As I interact with active and aspiring innkeepers I observe their lack of understanding of what outstanding customer service and high quality can do for their business.

Few innkeepers think about what level of service and quality they aspire to.

Determine the level of quality and success you want to provide through guidance provided in my seminars. Learn how superb customer service brings your guests back. Ascertain what quality does to improve your bottom line and how it builds your B&B inn's reputation. Several of my graduates have attained a four- diamond rating because of their understanding of service and quality in this business. Many of my graduates have related more to the service and quality associated with the three-diamond rating and have been pleased with the resulting profit and reputation of that level of service.

"We were able to develop and market our B&B inn to gain a 4-diamond rating faster than anticipated through Kit's quiet wisdom. What a fantastic way to learn what we needed about successful innkeeping!" --Dave Williams and Keith Waterbrook, Founding Innkeepers, The SunCatcher, Tucson, Arizona

My B&B seminars are especially great for those who want structured learning as they pursue their B&B.

Guarantee your B&B success yet one more way

There's so much to learn about B&Bs -- where do you start? Ebooks! Find the full gamut of information in my ebooks as you do in my seminars.

What's your first concern?

Which B&B do you buy? How much money do you need to buy a B&B? How much money can you make with your bed and breakfast inn? Can you navigate the purchase process without a B&B Broker? Is the asking price reasonable? Are there enough guestrooms for you to have the lifestyle you want and the income you need? Gain these insights and more, by studying and doing the exercises found in my ebook, Buying A B&B.

"I really enjoyed Buying a B&B Inn. While some areas reaffirmed information in other books that I've been reading, I was able to learn so much about several other aspects of the Inn search! Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive document; it will certainly be a huge help as I go through this process." -- Leanne Saylor, Innkeeper of Cincinatti's Weller Haus B&B, Newport, Kentucky

My B&B ebooks (delivered by e-mail or CD-ROM) feature detailed lessons and worksheets that result in a customized business plan. Many new innkeepers stop there, thinking that buying the "right" property was their only concern.

A bigger concern should be:

How can I be most successful owning and running my bed and breakfast? My five-ebook series, The B&B Balancing Act: Business versus Hospitality, takes you from building a solid foundation under your B&B dream through the first three years of operation of the bed and breakfast you bought or developed. What a great learning tool and resource!

Buy the individual ebooks from the series, or buy the complete set and receive two bonus eguides covering job description and checklists, and an operations manual.

Insufficient time is another problem common to aspiring innkeepers.

Most people don't have enough the time to take four -- or more -- days out of their busy lives to learn what they need to buy and operate an inn successfully. However, they do have the time to learn the information necessary for successfully buying the right B&B and operating it profitably. You have the time to study from the comfort of your home or office -- at your own pace. Reading my ebooks gives you the keys to success as you need them.

"Your ebooks are good, and I learned quite a few things from them. In the Marketing ebook I especially like the way you worked through branding. The concept is very difficult for the average person to understand. It's part discipline, I think, and many people don't want to stay disciplined or focused. We can't be everything to all people. Regarding the worksheets found in each book, I think these are very useful, but only if the people work at them seriously and honestly." --Bobbi Zane Editor and Publisher, Yellow Brick Road, the former newsletter of Innsight for Aspiring Innkeepers

Buy one or the whole set of ebooks and save money while you learn the secrets to successful bed and breakfast innkeeping.

If successful innkeeping is your plan ...

You'll save or earn (or both!) at least 10 times the cost of your B&B education investment. I guarantee it! You owe it to yourself to prepare yourself thoroughly.

Make a sound decision when you buy your bed and breakfast. Operate your B&B inn with gracious customer service for increased profits. Brand and market your inn for success.

Include "The B&B Lady's" real estate counseling, consulting, seminars, and ebooks in preparation for your successful bed and breakfast purchase and operation.

Peruse my website, read my articles, and sign up for the services that will help you achieve your goals. It will be the best step you can take in making your transition to being a B&B innkeeper. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me with your needs so we can make an appointment to discuss what I can do to help you.

--Kit Cassingham
"The B&B Lady"

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