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Health Insurance for the B&B Innkeeper

January 29, 2006

by Kit Cassingham

B&B innkeepers too often overlook health insurance when they are making their budgets. Affordable health insurance can be gotten as individual health insurance, self-employed health insurance or group health insurance. Cheap or low-cost health insurance may not give you the coverage you need, unless you combine it with a health savings account. Be diligent in getting good health insurance coverage.

Health insurance is a "must have" coverage for bed and breakfast innkeepers, even if it seems expensive. Depending on your general health, there are affordable health insurance policies available, but any health coverage is better than paying all of your own care should you get sick. Group insurance insurance is available through various associations you belong to, and if that's not an option find individual health insurance. Group health insurance versus self-employed health insurance coverage will give you the same sort of coverage if you shop carefully.

Consider using an insurance broker to help you find the low cost health insurance policies that will suit your needs. There are lots of good health insurance companies out there, and a broker can connect you with them. One way to create cheap health insurance premiums is to have a high deductible. Ask about short-term health insurance and compare it to long-term health insurance for coverage, effectiveness, and pricing. Shop for health care insurance that is good in your location, for your age bracket, and health level -- that's the best health insurance for you.

Once you find several health insurance plans that seem good, compare the health insurance policy options to see how they differ. One way to keep your health insurance cost down is to treat your health insurance plan as a major medical health insurance, and then cover the daily or routine treatments with a Health Savings Account. You get pre-tax money to take care of health maintenance, and then if a serious or long-term health problem arises, you have that coverage available.

Invest in your health with a good health insurance policy. You have your assets to protect, along with your health.

For more information about the different types of health insurance available to you, visit HealthInsuranceRoxx.com

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